Standout sustainable fashion
for self-assured women

Hand-embroidered denim,
meticulously crafted in AMSTERDAM

Exciting news: GIVEAWAY!

The launch of my brand new online store is just around the corner, and to celebrate, I have a special surprise for you!

🍀 Win a stunning hand-embroidered design on your trousers,
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Unique, one-of-a-kind denim fashion.
and embroidered & sustainable.

That's what you'll find in my online store!

Using natural and upcycled materials, I transform fashion into a personalized experience.

Hi, I am Angie Barth.
Based in AMSTERDAM, I bring forth unique and captivating pieces, drawing inspiration from ancient Japanese needlework techniques like boro boro & sashiko.
All my creations are crafted by hand: stitch by stich...


Transform your own denim wardrobe into a personalized masterpiece with my hand-embroidered sashiko touch!

Wether it's your own favourite pair of jeans or a cherished jacket, each stitch adds a unique flair to make your clothing truly one-of-a-kind.
Just send them my way, I'd love to customize them specially for you! 
how I personalize your denim by clicking here !


Stay tuned for the grand unveiling of my online sashiko store, where your journey into distinctive, passion-infused sustainable fashion is just a click away!

Brace yourself for the upcoming launch of the online sashiko store, where a curated collection of passionately crafted fashion awaits.

I hope you'll enjoy my hand embroidered products as much as I love to wear them every day!