Step into my world,
where passion intertwines
with craftsmanship!


Hi, I am Angie – a self-taught textile artist based in Amsterdam (Netherlands).
With unwavering passion, I create unique hand-stitched fashion on denim: a modern approach of centuries-old Japanese crafts (sashiko & boro boro).

I love to breathe new life into pre-loved denim!


As a former art conservator, I bring an eye for detail, precision, and a love for ancient techniques to my work.
Patience is my guiding force, evident in each meticulously hand-embroidered stitch.
Geometry and intricate patterns have always captivated me, influencing my one-of-a-kind creations.


From jewelry crafting to Copperplate calligraphy and woodworking, my creative journey has been a lifelong and colourful exploration…


Sustainability, recycling and natural materials form an essential part of every piece I create.

Transforming pre-loved denim into wearable art has become a canvas for both self-expression and sustainability.
Living my passion isn’t just a choice, it’s a dedication to authenticity.


It’s a joy to guide others in unlocking their creativity!


Besides creating unique hand-stitched fashion, I sincerely love to share my knowledge through workshops.
Join me to explore this artistry firsthand…


Beyond my passion for handmade, I lead desert expeditions with camels
& diving holidays by the Red Sea

This through my company, ‘FEEL-THE-DESERT.’
Just like my approach to crafting, it’s all about embracing the feeling and passion!
Join me on an expedition to uncover the beauty of the Southern Sinai desert in Egypt.
Having lived among the Bedouins in this astonishing region for 12 years, it has become a second home to me.
A place where adventure meets tranquility. Together, let’s craft unforgettable experiences in the heart of the wilderness.
Feel welcome!


Oh, and back in Amsterdam, I wear another hat as a tourist guide, connecting people with the vibrant history and culture of the city.


"Mindful craftsmanship" sums up the essence of my pursuits – intentional and thoughtful in every stitch, expedition, and shared piece of knowledge.

My heart beats faster for a myriad of passions!

I find joy in nature, a deep connection with animals (especially dogs), and the serene practice of yoga, where I also share my expertise as a yoga teacher. Additionally, my heartbeat quickens for down-to-earth spirituality, the rhythm of music, the freedom of backpacking and traveling, the warmth of friendship, the allure of art, the escape found in a good book, and the thrill of outdoor activities.

Each beat tells a story of a rich and diverse tapestry of passions.